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In this fast moving industry it is often a difficult task for business owners and professionals to fully understand, how translation processes work today.

Whether it is about setting up a website, creating product information or completing safety data sheets - getting it right from the start is essential. I'll help you with your approach and will support you in this process.

Holger studied electronics in Germany where graduated as an electronics engineer. Subsequently, he worked in research and development and later in sales positions in Eastern Germany. For several years he worked in his own company, selling and servicing telecommunication equipment.


After moving to Ireland permanently, Holger started working as a freelance translator. Based on his technical knowledge an in-depth experience in various industries in Germany, he is primarily focused on English-German and German-English technical translations, where he can apply his comprehensive technical knowledge.


If you have a potential translation, revision or consultation project and would like a quote or if you have questions or don't know how to set up a project, please contact Holger via the contact form on this website. He'll be glad to help.

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What you can expect is my full commitment to any of your projects in the long term - right from the start. Providing you with accurate and elegant documents, websites or posts for your German or English clients will help growing your business, and that's what will make me happy, too.

English-German language expert for all your business needs


I'm dedicated to providing you with high-quality translation, review and consultation services in order to expand and grow your business, primarily into the German market, and to provide you with tailor-made communication and accurate documents about your products and services for the interaction with your clients.